Get your craft on for your next gathering.

Whether you’re looking for a spot for a group happy hour, girl’s night out or you are celebrating a special occasion, Confetti Craft Co. is the perfect location for your next group gathering! We combine a hands-on social experience with an amazing drink menu. So everyone will leave having a good time and with a unique project.

For groups of 7 or less – you can either make one reservation for your entire group or if individual reservations are made, each person must put the group name on their reservation form. We make a seating chart each day, so as long as we have the required information, we’ll make sure you end up at the cool kids’ table!

For groups of 8 or more – please call or email us to coordinate your reservation.

Confetti Craft Co. is perfect for:

Girls Night Out

Crafts + cocktails, I’m not sure I could think of a better Girls Night Out!

Date Night

Great for the married couple that has done dinner + a movie for years. Awesome for a potentially awkward first date. Perfect for every dating stage in between.

Team Building

Your team will connect, create, and collaborate when they literally BUILD something. Pick a project from the Project Bar or work on a collaborative piece or BOTH! Additional fee will apply for collaborative projects, details available on request.

Bridal Showers

Because bridal showers don’t have to include lame games! In addition to making a project from the Project Bar, crafters can work on a collaborative project for the guest of honor. Additional fee will apply, details available on request.

Baby Showers

Elevate your next baby shower beyond measuring the baby bump! Crafters get to go home with a project from the Project Bar and can collaborate on a gift for baby if they chose. Additional fee will apply, details available on request.

Birthday Parties

If all else fails, at least you’ll go home with one gift that you love. Even if you had to make it yourself.

Bachelorette Parties

Take home more than a hangover. Additional risqué project options available. Details available on request.

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